A black Saab four door sedan sits on it's roof in the intersection of Andover and Viscount.  Fire crews had to free the driver by cutting the seatbelts that held her in place.

Middlesex London Paramedic service crews then transported her and another woman to hospital.  The other woman was a crossing guard named Ruth.

Why it happened still isn't known but tire tracks in the grass tell part of the story the car was headed North on Andover approaching Viscount in South London.  It then left the road going across a sidewalk before hitting an embankment and flipping over. Witnesses say that's when Ruth was hit sending her flying.

The driver and a child from the Saab were also taken to hospital.  
Residents say the streets are often filled with students heading home from school at the time of the accident.  They're just grateful no youngsters were impacted.