LONDON, ONT. -- New mom, Kayla O’Connell says it’s the support and programs she’s taken part in at Rebirth Wellness Centre in London that’s made a difference in her postpartum journey.

“It changed everything and sounds cliché, but it’s changed my outlook and has really made a positive impact on me.”

O’Connell started attending the Rebirth centre for its self-care and fitness programs when her son Nixon was born.

“We do like the cardio-fit, the pilates and the yoga so we come four times a week and we just love it.”

Seeing new moms and moms-to-be, looking after their own wellbeing and health is exactly why founder of Rebirth Wellness Centre, Jodi Tiller says she started this initiative.

“Most importantly we are here to create a community where mothers feel heard, where they feel valued and where they can get what they need to thrive as mothers.”

It was 10 years ago that the business opened its doors in downtown London. Now today, a second location has opened in Hyde Park with the hopes of serving more moms.

“Many London families are moving to smaller communities outside of London, like Kilworth, Komoka, Ilderton, Lucan, all those smaller communities, so wanted to make sure our services remained accessible for the people who need them.”

Prenatal and postnatal care, fitness programs, chiropractic, physio and massage therapy are just some of the many services offered.

“Motherhood can be really hard and isolating and we are here to make it easier with a range of health and wellness services all geared to meeting the needs of mothers,” says Tiller.

She adds it’s been a lot of work to get this second location opened but when she sees the difference it can make in a moms life, it makes it all worth it.