The man who had to be rescued by a helicopter from a crane above a major blaze in Kingston, Ont. on Tuesday is a London man.

Adam Jastrzebski has reportedly worked in the industry for over 40 years

Aram Malek with Canadian Professional Crane Inc. - the company that hired Jastrzebski - says he has excellent training and experience and did everything right to save his own life.

"There's no other option...What else you want? There's no way to run. The only way to run is away from the fire. He did the right decision. There was no time to put harness. Just run. That's what he did. He was professional."

Malek added that he remains in hospital with burns to his body, arms and legs. He is listed in stable condition.

Collapse concerns

While the fire is out, there are concerns the charred crane could collapse at any moment into the stil smoldering remains of the building below it.

Kingston's fire chief says the crane is badly damaged and there are plans are to get it pulled down safely before it falls or gets blown down by the wind.

The blaze at the under-construction apartment building forced more than 150 people from area homes but many were allowed to return Wednesday.

With files from The Canadian Press