It's not something you run into everyday in the middle of the city, a coyote in rough shape, out in broad daylight, roaming onto people's properties and porches in the Wortley Rd and Baseline Rd area.

"I thought it was a dog because it was so far off in the distance. And we saw it coming across Rosel (Cres.) just trotting in front of the house making its way in and out of backyards," says resident Peter Cocuruloo.

Resident Jackie Kim was warned by her neighbours about the coyote.

"I was about to take my dog for a walk, she is an 11 lb. Havanese and they told me about the coyote. So I took her straight inside right away. I can't protect her so it's easier to keep her inside the house," says Kim.

When the coyote reappeared Sunday morning, residents called Animal Control and London Police.

"It literally kind of walked right up to the door, roamed over here, kind of sniffed over the edge and then right back to the door sniffing around the door. It was not shy," says John Sonier.

While that was happening, Sonier took a picture of the coyote from his window.

He says it didn't even run away when his large boxer dog barked at it.

I'm a little bit nervous because I have a dog and a cat and a lot of other people around here have small animals and small children," Sonier says.

Animal control and police said the coyote was a threat.

It took a couple of hours before it was located in the Tecumseh and Cathcart area.

It was first Tased and then shot.

Coyotes have also been seen around Cherryhill Village Mall, with warning signs posted in the area.

If you see a coyote that is bold and approaching homes and people, you are asked to call London police immediately.