LONDON, ONT. -- Sheri Boucher says, having her son go through cancer treatments during COVID is the most difficult thing they have both endured.

"It's a blow that you never think that it's going to be your child," said Boucher. "There is no words to describe how you feel as a parent when your child is sick, there's nothing that you can do to help."

Her 15-year-old son, Seth was diagnosed with Diffuse B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma two years ago. They have had to travel all the way from there home in Thunder Bay for treatment.

"All the chemotherapy really made me feel sick, made you feel like you're constantly weak," said Seth Pervais, who goes by a different last name.

Scott Fortnum, from the Children’s Health Foundation says normally a family like Seth’s would be able to fly down but the pandemic has complicated matters.

"It's been so difficult with COVID, usually when kids come into the hospital, they're surrounded by family, they've got a support network built in, that can't happen right now," said Fortnum.

Seth is now in remission and Fortnum says the teen is helping them with their new fundraising campaign called, 'Stand by Me'. 

"We’re really hoping the community can come together help us ensure that we're not going to let anybody down so we can maintain our programs and equipment," said Fortnum.

Because of the care he received here in London, Seth says he wants to give back and become a health care professional.

"I was thinking maybe I'll become a nurse because I don't know what I would have done without them," said Seth.

For more information on the “Stand By Me” campaign or to donate, visit their website.