LONDON, ONT. -- The London Curling Club is closing temporarily.

The decision to close follows the Midddlesex-London Health Unit’s decision on Wednesday to implement new health measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

“With 10 people on the ice, including employees, it wasn’t feasible for us to stay open,” said Club Manager Greg Lewis. “It will put a damper on things, for sure.”

According to Lewis, the club spent the last few months finalizing new registrations.

“We have lots of money in the bank but all of that money may have to be returned,” he said, “and that will be devastating to our financial situation.”

The club has six sheets of curling ice and even when the club is closed, Lewis says the ice must still be maintained so “the high hydro bills will keep coming in,” and he says the club will continue to pay employees to keep the ice conditions in good shape.

Lewis is hopeful the restrictions will be in place for just two to four weeks so that curling can resume sooner rather than later.

“The current situation is manageable for now but if it lags on, it won’t be a good situation for us.”

Founded in 1847, the London Curling club is one of the oldest curling clubs in Canada.