LONDON, ONT. -- The planned rollout of London’s green bin garbage program has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, city council approved the curbside collection of organic garbage to begin in 2021, but the pandemic subsequently stalled progress by civic administration.

“We’re anticipating about a nine to 12-month delay, meaning Londoners won’t see the green bin on the street until the summer or fall of 2022,” explains Jay Stanford, Director of Environment, Fleet, and Solid Waste.

Once the program begins, homeowners will be expected to separate organic waste into a separate garbage container for collection and composting.

Green bins are a big part of London’s strategy to divert 60 per cent of its waste from the W12A Landfill.

The province will require London to meet the diversion target before permitting a much-needed expansion to the existing municipal landfill.

City hall will launch online public consultation in late November.

Londoners will be asked their opinions about the green bin program including:

• the design of indoor containers

• the size & design of curbside green bins

• use of disposable liners,

• bi-weekly garbage collection

• if diapers and/or dog waste should be permitted.

“Seeing pictures of what some of these containers and compostable liners look like, are things we can deliver online. And sometimes people do like to attend Zoom meetings and hear directly from staff,” explains Stanford.

“This is part of getting the energy back in the green bin program.”