HURON COUNTY, ONT. -- Normally, members of the Huron and Area Search and Rescue Team (HASAR) are at the ready to search for missing people. But on Friday, they traded in their flashlights to deliver food to isolated seniors through Meals on Wheels.

Jamie Mitchell is the operations commander for HASAR. He spent the day delivering food.

“We’re all about serving the community and serving those in need. Search and rescue is our typical response, but whatever we need to do to serve the community, is what we’re going to do,” says Mitchell.

Six HASAR volunteers delivered Meals on Wheels, and will continue to do so every Friday for the foreseeable future.

The program, run through ONE CARE, usually sends out about 50 meals a day to seniors. That number is up since since the arrival of COVID-19, as more seniors self-isolate.

Down the road in Goderich, Peter Gusso made the difficult decision to fully close his restaurant in light of social distancing directives.

On his last day before closing, he and his staff sent 90 salads and desserts to staff at the Alexandra and Marine Hospital in Goderich.

“It was something we could do. In my view, it was a small thing since those people up there at the hospital are doing everything they can to stop this or slow this down,” Gusso says.

There are more stories of COVID compassion throughout the area since the pandemic’s arrival, and likely many more to come in the days, weeks and months ahead.