The trial of a man accused of killing and dismembering his friend at in a London hotel is hearing about a violent handwritten rap-style poem found in his home which discussed chopping people up.

A detective says he found two pages of the poem in a duffel bag at James McCullough's home in September 2013, a few days after the young man's arrest.

McCullough, 22, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and offering an indignity to a dead body in the death of 20-year-old Alex Fraser, whose remains were discovered inside two hockey bags in a London, Ont., hotel room two and a half years ago.

The poem found in McCullough's home discussed breaking someone's jaw and ramming a knife through their stomach before the line "I'll go through your whole crew, a routine I'm used to. Chop 'em up, mail their parts to you."

Another police officer has told the trial that several types of prescription medications were also found in McCullough's room, along with a quantity of marijuana.

The trial has heard that Fraser and McCullough took a cab from Orangeville, Ont., where they lived, to London late on a Saturday night, with Fraser clearly intoxicated at the time.

The jury has heard that the men checked into a Travelodge, where McCullough gave a fake name, a fake address and paid for the room in cash. He later asked to extend his stay and emphasized that he did not want any housekeeping.

The trial heard that later on the Sunday, two young men visited McCullough in the hotel room where they saw two hockey style bags in the room, which McCullough told them not to touch.

Court has heard that McCullough tried to get one of the men to drive him to northern Ontario and then told the men he had "done something terrible."

He first told them he had robbed a government building and had thousands of dollars of stolen property in the bags in the room, the trial heard.

He then told them he had robbed the government building with a gang member from Toronto and they had killed someone in the process, cut up the person's body and put some of the body parts in the bags which were in the room, court heard.

McCullough called 911 himself later that day, saying repeatedly "someone is dead and I am unarmed."

The jury has been told Fraser was stabbed more than 20 times, was decapitated and had his arms and legs severed from his body.