LONDON, ONT. -- Olivea Beadle was just 21 when she was lured away from home in London into the sex-trafficking trade in Toronto. She constantly lived in fear.

"Night after night a lot of the clients that I'd seen, they were really abusive towards me. They would do things that I can never even describe to anybody," said Beadle.

After three years, she was able to escape and seek help from the London Abused Women’s Centre.

"There's no real answer to just getting out, it's kind of a process. You mentally, physically, financially have to be prepared," said Beadle.

Olivea’s story is part of this November’s "Shine the Light" campaign to end woman abuse.  Megan Walked from LWAC says Olivea is just one of a growing number of cases they deal with.

"We have this year seen 171 trafficked women and sexually exploited girls which is really speaks volumes to what's happening," said Walker.

And since COVID-19, Walker says the overall statistics have jumped.

"Our cases numbers at the London Abused Women's Centre have increased by 23 percent again that's pretty significant," said Walker.

As always the Shine the Light campaign coincides with Woman Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario.

Olivea has since graduated from Fanshawe College and runs a business in Lambeth called Vay Kay Spa.  She’s says she’s trying to never look back.

"This campaign is about speaking out and getting involved.  She's a really remarkable young woman," adds Walker.