LONDON, ONT. -- An elderly London couple is distraught after displaying their accessible parking permit but still receiving a whopping fine.

Eighty-five-year-old Otmar Rosenberger couldn't believe what happened after parking in the accessible spot - with his permit displayed on the dash - outside the LCBO store at Oxford Street and Wonderland Road.

He got a $375 ticket.

Rosenberger says, “Every day you hear on TV how people get ripped off and there the next thing you know you get ripped off from your own government, I mean city government.”

He says he got the ticket because his name and address were not on his permit – but he says he just put it on his dash the way it came in the mail.

Rosenberger has had two knees surgeries and his wife Christina Godoy is a stroke survivor.

She was just as shocked by the steep fine, “I cannot believe it the city hall, they can do with us what they did.”

Stephen Miller from London Parking Services says the name must be made clear so they can confirm the permit holder.

“It's important that your name and address be on that permit so that our officers on inspection can confirm that the permit holder is the person listed on the back of the permit.”

Rosenberger and his wife had their passes taken away and must get new ones.

The couple would like the money they paid for the fine back, but they also simply don't want the same thing to happen to others.