A former London mayoral candidate and taxpayer watchdog is calling on the new city council to tighten the rules on councillor expenses.

Jim Kogelheide says using expense accounts to support community events is an abuse of taxpayer dollars.

The one-time mayoral candidate has written to council's Corporate Services Committee, calling into question a number of expense items former councillors were reimbursed for on their expense accounts.

They include things like a retirement barbecue, a big balloon for a neighbourhood celebration and Ward Two councillor Bill Armstrong's desire to be reimbursed for an unspecified amount for money he spent on a float for the Argyle BIA Santa Claus parade.

Armstrong also wants to be reimbursed for carolers he hired to sing to senior citizens.

That is sounding a sour note with Kogelheide.

"One more example of what I consider to be abuse of how their using their councillor expense funds," says Kogelheide.

"And I think it's the responsibility of the entire council working together to say this group is going to get this funding, this group is going to get this funding. But when it comes down to individual councillors sponsoring groups organizations of their choice that opens up a battlefield of favoritism and I believe that's just wrong," says Kogelheide.

The list goes on.

For instance, one councillor spent $800 for community fireworks, another $2000 for tree planting.

Kogelheide formally brought his concerns to the previous city council.

But his letters were simply noted and filed, meaning they were acknowledged but nothing was done.

He says he's hoping the new council is more concerned about taxpayer dollars.

Corporate Services Chair Maureen Cassidy says the rules need to be reviewed.

"That fact that it wasn't debated at the last council is worrisome. I think this new council was elected with a pretty clear mandate to do things differently and one of the different things we need to do is discuss these different kinds of situations," says Cassidy.

Kogelheide is also concerned about councillor fuel costs.

He points to one case where a former councillor spent nearly $500 in one month on gas.

"I'm looking at positive change to create better guidelines, more honest guidelines," says Kogelheide.

The Corporate Services Committee meets on Tuesday.