A controversial development on Fanshawe Park Road has been approved by the city’s Planning and Environment Committee.

The property in question was formerly owned by the Poole family, and the developer plans to build a four-storey, medium-density apartment building.

The building would face Fanshawe Park Road, just west of Highbury Avenue. But back of the building would face out to single-family homes in the Stoneybrook neighbourhood.

Neighbours argue the scale of the building does not fit with the homes around it. 

 The developer says the scale is appropriate considering it fronts onto one of the busiest arterial roads in the city.

Mayor Matt Brown and Ward 5 Councillor Maureen Cassidy asked that a decision on the development be delayed for further consideration, but the committee voted to go ahead with the project.

The development is seen as a gut check for city council and their willingness to increase population density as prescribed in the London plan.

Council will vote on the development next week.