Councillor Joni Baechler has been chosen as London's interim mayor after three rounds of voting at a meeting on Tuesday evening.

Baechler was up against Councillor Bud Polhill in the final two rounds of voting after Dale Henderson and Harold Usher went out after the first round with only one vote each.

The second round of voting saw Baechler and Polhill tied with seven votes each, but by the third round Usher switched his allegiances to give her the majority in the final vote.

The decision prompted a standing ovation for the councillor, who has said publicly she is not interested in the job come election time.

Baechler says she is humbled by the support and that council needs to work together to achieve its goals over the next five months.

All 14 councillors were asked individually if they wanted to nominate themselves for the job, but only four put their names forward.

On Monday, council had decided to make the selection at a regularly scheduled meeting and to choose from among sitting councillors.

The interim mayor will serve until Nov. 30, the day before a new council takes power after municipal elections are held this fall.

Key upcoming dates include:

  • July 12th - council meeting
  • Sept. 2nd - council meeting
  • Sept. 12th - lame duck council (when council power becomes limited)
  • Oct. 27th - municipal election day
  • Dec. 1st - new council and mayor start