Changes are coming to how many animals pet owners can own in the Forest City.

At London city council Tuesday night, councillors discussed new rules that will allow residents to have more pets in their home, but just how many will depend on what type of residence you live in.

Up until now, Londoners have been allowed a maximum of three dogs plus up to two cats per adult.

However, in a move to get more cats out of the shelter into new homes, city staff recommended increasing the limit to three dogs and five cats in a single-family home.

Elsewhere, two dogs and three cats will be allowed in multi-family building because of a higher density of people and pets. However, not every councillor felt the decision was fair.

“I'm not sure why we want two classes of citizens in London, the ones who rent can only have this many pets but the ones who own can have this many pets,” says Ward 6 Councillor Nancy Bransombe.

Ultimately council agreed with staff on the new two-tier limits, adding that if any pets in a home are not spayed or neutered, then the limit is reduced to one dog and two cats starting next August.