Chaos has once again erupted at the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre.

The jail remains in lock down and has been since Wednesday when six staff members were fired for their actions in the lead up to Adam Kargus' October 31 2013 murder.

Inmates in the female unit have been constantly banging on their doors and windows in protest.

Inside, there is flooding, the lights have been smashed and there are concerns parts can now easily concealed as weapons for future use.

"I informed them, I said, look to the managers that health and safety is important to everybody. Be careful in here, you should probably get an ICIT team to take care of this," says Dominic Bragaglia, OPSEU 108 President.

Management refused to call in the Crisis Intervention Team and said they'd handle it.

"Our fear is now that those offenders now have weapons in their cells," says Tammy Carson, Health & Safety Representative.

Staff have been issuing work refusals since Wednesday when five correctional officers and a manager were fired for their actions - and in-action- leading up to and after Kargus' death.

Staff say they don't know which rules they're supposed to follow, considering many haven't been updated in over a decade.

On Saturday, over a third of posts were left unmanned.

Managers have been performing officers' jobs for over 24 hours.

A call went out to managers from across the province to come assist at EMDC.

Off duty correctional officers (COs) came to support their coworkers - day shift COs who were forced to turn in their keys and wait for a decision on their latest work refusal- and overnight guards who were being ordered to work.

Staff are worried the situation is getting more dangerous by the hour, and are demanding more COs are called in from other jails.

Management at EMDC refused to answer any questions from CTV News Saturday night.

But in a statement late Saturday night, the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services said:

"The safety of our corrections staff and inmates is our top priority. Because of a work refusal by corrections staff, EMDC remains in lockdown to maintain safety and security. Inmate services such as meal service and administration of medication have continued. The Ministry continues efforts to work with the union to fully restore regular operations and lift the current lockdown."

"It's tense and staff need information about what's going on," adds Bragaglia.