Once a strong piece of London's economy, the contents of the former Kellogg's plant will soon be up for grabs.

All of the items still inside the factory when it closed last year are set to be auctioned off.

A 15-page auction preview describes items that include highly-specialized equipment and tools, forklifts, electric motors and more.

But for former employees like Alison Gardiner, watching the equipment they once worked with day after day be sold of to the highest bidder is bringing mixed emotions.

"It's an emotional strain because Kellogg's was around for so long, it's a part of London's history...I think the worst part is knowing it's gone forever now."

Gardiner remains out of work after more than 20 years at the former Kellogg's plant and the auction in a week-and-a-half will include equipment she one maintained.

Hopes that the plant could re-open with a new owner and product line have proven to be just wishful thinking.

Corporate Assets Incorporated is holding the auction on behalf of the building's new owners, Bayshore Groups Incorporated, a global company with Canadian headquarters in St. Catharines, Ont.

In pre-auction materials Corporate Assets predicts the volume, variety and condition of items will make it an "unprecedented...multi-million dollar global auction."

And while many see the auction as a bitter end to a century of manufacturing in London, others hope new local businesses can use the equipment to get a leg up.

Former Kellogg's employee Mike Coulter says, "A small business that's starting up, a machine shop, could definitely go into our maintenance area equipment and take some of that, it's still in very good condition."

The three-day auction will run Aug. 18-20 inside the plant.