LONDON, ONT. -- After months of planning the construction got started today behind the London Food Bank on Leathorne Street to erect a building that will feed fresh produce to clients in need.

"The greenhouse will be a better way that we can do it all through the winter not just through the warmer months," said Glen Pearson, the co-director of the London Food Bank.

The project is getting a helping hand from a volunteer who knows his way around a construction site, former city planner John Fleming.

"This is kind of going on the other side of the counter and the opportunity to get my hands dirty so to speak and get into a project that really implements the policies and strategy and I was part of developing on the other side," said Fleming.

The food bank is urging residents and businesses to follow suit and built their own greenhouses to help provide fresh produce.

"We've already had three businesses that have approached us have seen it and would like to do it on their own premises," said Pearson.

Fleming adds, "Imagine the impact that business could have on feeding London's vulnerable the people that really need it."

The structure is expected to be erected by next month, however the first full growing season won't take place until 2021.