GODERICH, ONT -- A housing development along the Lake Huron shoreline, that’s been 40 years in the making, is finally breaking ground.

“We should truly be breaking ground, any day now,” says the man behind Coast Developments, Rob Wood.

Construction on the first of 300 homes just south of Goderich is expected to begin this week. Coast Developments will cover 98 acres and 1,300 feet of lakefront.

“It’s beautiful. You can’t come up here and look at the views we’ve got here, and think why anywhere else. It’s a gorgeous town. A gorgeous piece of land,” says Wood.

Former Goderich mayor, Deb Shewfelt, spent many of his 22 years in charge, trying to push the project forward. He suggests COVID-19's impact on cities will drive people from the city to the shoreline, and not just to spend their summers.

“I think now with what we’re going through, if people don’t need to be in the city, I think you’re going to see that they’ll come. And they come with excellent conditions. They have the money from the sale of their home in the city, and they can buy something very good here. We welcome them,” says Shewfelt.

While the mix of single-detached homes, townhouses and semi-detached homes will not address Huron County’s need for affordable housing, it’s housing, which is also in dire demand in the region.

“It’s really needed in the community. There’s no vacant lots at all in Goderich. So the timing is great,” says Shewfelt.

And the location right along the shores of Lake Huron will be pretty desirable as well.

“Who wouldn’t want to live here on the shores of Lake Huron, I mean really,” says Goderich Mayor John Grace.

You can check out more information on the the shoreline development here.