‘Quick-start’ plans to install the preliminary elements for London’s Bus Rapid Transit System have been cancelled.

On Thursday, the team involved admitted elements planned for installation starting next year have been scrapped, just months before work was to begin.

Jennie Ramsay, Shift BRT project director, says “We know some people will be disappointed that we weren’t able to showcase elements of BRT next year.”

Among the preliminary elements along Richmond Street that have been cancelled are a prototype bus stop, synchronized street lights and cue-jump lanes for buses at red lights.

At a cost of $21 million to install and $860K annually to operate, ‘quick-start’ was supposed to get Londoners excited ahead of the main construction along BRT routes.

But, “Ultimately the efficient use of resources and getting the best value for money is our top priority,” Ramsay says.

The cancellation comes less than a month after the final stage of the environmental assessment was put on pause to address heritage concerns raised by the province.

The funding will instead be earmarked for the same elements to be installed during the main construction phase, which is slated to begin in 2020.