LONDON, ONT. -- City Hall's parking entrance is moving to Princess Avenue in July and August due to construction.

As of Friday, City Hall's parking garage entry will move to Princess Avenue due to regular renewal construction to their entrance on Dufferin Avenue. The diversion will continue until the last week of August.

While the garage is expected to remain open, drivers should be prepared for some changes, including:

  • Parking on both levels – enter through current lower level exit on Princess Avenue
  • Parking on both levels – exit basement level exit on Princess Avenue
  • Monthly pass holders parking on basement level – go through lower level and down ramp to the basement
  • Parking on lower level – follow ramp to basement to exit
  • Swipe card mechanisms, security arms and signage will be updated and moved to Princess Avenue

As all cars entering or exiting the garage will go through Princess Avenue, it is important to note that the maximum vehicle height will change to six feet, or 72 inches.

The flow of traffic entering and exiting the garage will merge left, and a four-way stop will be added to the intersection at Princess Avenue and Centennial Lane.

Due to restrictions, entering and exiting the parking garage may take longer than usual.