TORONTO - The Progressive Conservatives want to make it mandatory for Children's Aid Societies to list all of the children in care who need parents on the Adopt Ontario website.

Only about 155 of the 7,600 children in Ontario looking for a family are actually listed on the website the government set up to help them find a permanent home.

Opposition Leader Tim Hudak says the Children's Aid Societies have no incentive to list children on the adoption site because they get paid for each child in their care.

Hudak wants to force the societies to list Crown wards in their care on Adopt Ontario and change the funding formula so they are rewarded for finding kids new homes, not for keeping them.

The Tories also want to provide funding to adoptive parents, between $8,000 and $15,000 per year depending on special needs, to help get more children into full-time families.

PC children's critic Jane McKenna says the current system is fragmented and ineffective, leaving a growing number of kids on waiting lists.