LONDON, ONT. -- In light of the world-wide pandemic, Community Living London (CLL) has changed the way it operates to better help more than 1,000 clients with developmental disabilities.

“For people with disabilities it’s pretty hard to understand sometimes, 'Why I can't go and do the things that I've always done before?' It's a pretty uncertain time, “ says Michelle Palmer, executive director at CLL.

Normally CLL provides employment services, day programs and respite for clients and caregivers.

But now Palmer says all 500 staff members are full-time dealing with those in 100 different residential settings across the city.

“People we support are supported for a reason, they need that support, “ says Lana McVeigh a staff member at CLL. “They need, whether it's grocery shopping, or preparing meals, helping with hygiene, ensuring they get the proper medications.”

Palmer says while others are being told to stay at home, her staff has no choice but to go out and help those who are depending on assistance.

“They are amazing people doing an exceptional job,” Palmer says.