Dangerously fast cars on residential streets may soon face a crackdown by city hall.

On Tuesday, councillors considered holding public meetings on lower speed limits and photo radar.

Councillor Sean Lewis says, “Let staff come back to us with a report on how these tools can be enacted and let's get our neighbourhoods safer for our pedestrians now.”

The Civic Works Committee has recommended city staff consult with the community on lowering speed limits on neighbourhood streets to 40 km/h.

Staff will also consult with the public on increasing fines in 40 km/h zones and using photo radar for enforcement.

Speeding cars on residential streets are the most common complaint received by councillors.

Councillor Elizabeth Peloza says, “The chance of survival when you're going slower is much higher for any pedestrian who happens to find a car.”

Consultation would take place in the summer and staff will report the results to council for a decision this fall.