LONDON, ONT. -- Mother Joanne Bishop has not one but two kids graduating school this year. Her son Jack graduated grade 8 and her daughter Alice, high school.

“It’s been tough for both of them you know, they’ve sacrificed a lot through this, our kids have and it’s heartbreaking.”

Bishop says her daughter was hoping to say goodbye to friends before many head off to college and university, and she was also excited for prom.

“This last Friday was a bit hard for her she kind of hid out and just looked at the dress hanging on the back of her door, I’m confident she will get to use it, I just don’t know when,” says Bishop.

Tens of thousands of students will miss out on graduation ceremonies, celebrations and proms.

With limited ways to celebrate, a London couple is trying to help families recognize grads through lawn signs.

“We want to bring happiness, joy and celebration in this time of unknown right now,” says Emily Jackson, lawn sign designer.

The pair who have become known for their "Stay Safe, Be Kind" lawn signs, designed a celebration sign for grads.

One hundred per cent of the proceeds will go towards the Thames Valley Education Foundation Caring Fund.

“It’s basically a fund that is designed to deal with unprecedented situations so if someone’s house burns down and need schools supplies and if they need money for school lunches stuff like that,” says Charlie Knott, co-creator of the Stay Safe, Be Kind campaign.

Five hundred graduation signs have already been sold, with more orders being made daily.

Bishop says hearing about initiatives like these warms her heart to know the community is coming together for the grads.

“We will try to do something whether it be a little party in the backyard with family if restrictions get eased or, I don’t know? But I have to make it special.”

The city has also come up with a way to recognize the grads of 2020.

On Thursday June 25, city buildings will light up gold. That will include; city hall, the Fountain of the Forks, and the JA Taylor building at Wellington and Dundas.

Information on the Stay Safe Be Kind campaign can be found here: