London Police are continuing their investigation after reports of clown sightings in London.

On Friday - after online threats that clowns would attend secondary schools in London - police received a number of calls in relations to clown sightings.

Police were called to the area of Wonderland Road and Viscount Road in relation to a group of young males in the area who were reportedly wearing clown costumes Friday morning.

The males apparently entered a vehicle and fled the area prior to police arrival. The area was checked but nobody found.

A half hour later, police received information that an individual wearing a clown costume was observed running through the parking lot of a secondary school in the west end of the city before getting into a vehicle and fleeing the area. 
The London Police determined that the same vehicle was involved in both incidents.
Police were able to locate the vehicle, and all of the individuals involved were spoken to. Nobody was charged.

As well, two youth were identified as being involved in the online threats. Police searched two London residences for digital evidence.

Police say there is no indication that the youths involved in the clown sightings were the same ones responsible for the online threats.
The investigation continues.