The defence called it a suicide while the Crown called it a murder as both delivered their closing statements in the Christopher Gale trial on Friday.

Gale, 32, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the 2010 shooting death of his girlfriend, 21-year-old Jocelyn Bishop.

Defence lawyer John Getliffe told the jury this was "An unusual case arising out of an unusual relationship," adding Gale and Bishop "were both rather unusual people with unusual interests." 

Getliffe says Bishop took her own life in June 2010 because of her depression “she acted out her own clinical mood and suicidal thoughts." 

Bishop’s body was eventually found in a shallow grave behind the home the couple shared on Fanshawe Park Road. 

Gale has admitted to burying her claiming that she never got along with her family and they wouldn't care, Getliffe added  "He loved her and still loves her."

In her closing address Crown attorney Laurie Tuttle wasted little time calling Gale someone who was lying, calculating and manipulating in the days following Bishop’s death.

She explains how as Bishop lay dead in the backyard Gale misled his parents, her family and police.

"This is a man who was not telling the truth, he was lying on the important issues."

Tuttle told the court there was no suicide, saying Gale killed Bishop after they had a fight, "This became a very volatile argument. Something happened that got him very, very upset and for whatever reason he shot her, then realized he had to cover up his tracks." 

Justice Andrew Goodman is expected to deliver his charge on Monday morning and then the retrial will be in the hands of the jury.