Don’t pump your chlorinated water into the sewers.

That’s the message from London City Hall this morning, as the season of pool closing fast approaches prime time.

According to the city, homeowners need to take precautions before draining pools because water entering storm sewers through storm drains and grates on streets is required to be free of chemicals.

“Many Londoners are not aware that anything that enters the sewers through grates on the streets is not cleaned or filtered. It goes directly to our creeks, rivers and lakes without being treated,” says Barry Orr, Sewer Outreach and Control Inspector.

The best ways to ensure compliance is by purchasing special tablets, or not adding any chemicals to your pool for a few weeks prior to closing. According to the Orr, salt water pools need to either be discharged into your household sanitary sewer connection or hauled away by a licensed waste hauler.

“Chlorinated pool water and filter backwash materials are pollutants that can negatively impact fish and plants living in our waterways. It is important we keep our water sources clean and chemical free, for our benefit and for the protection of our environment.”

If you have questions or concerns about proper draining of pools, spas and hot tubs please call 519-963-0999.

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