LONDON, ONT. -- The City of London will be reimbursed by Queen's Park for only $50,000 incurred for the use of ranked ballots in the 2018 municipal election CTV News has learned.

“I’m hoping at figure forward so that the City of London can feel that they haven't been out of pocket for the 2022 election,” says Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark.

The mayor and incoming deputy mayor have been pushing for financial compensation after the Ontario government forced London to abandon the use of ranked ballots.

On Monday, the province revoked permission for municipalities to use ranked ballots.

In 2018 London spent $515,000 to become the first municipality in Ontario to elect its council using ranked ballots.

It will cost $51,000 to switch back to first-past-the-post in 2022.

London Mayor Ed Holder says the $50,000 doesn't go far enough to cover the cost of the $515,000 spent for the ranked ballot process.

“I'm sure that what I'm going to be doing is looking to their thoughtfulness and talk to them in terms of reimbursing our city for some significant costs that we did lawfully in the last election.”

Added Holder, “they provided this announcement today of some $50,000 unsolicited, that makes me optimistic that when I approach them for additional funds…I'm hopeful.”