The number of city employees on the so-called “Sunshine List” who make more than $100,000 has been released by city hall.

And while the number of employees making at least $100,000 in salary and benefits has increased in two groups, the number of city managers meeting the threshold has gone down.

There are 256 employees who are members of the London Professional Fire Fighters Association who are on the list this year. That’s an increase of five employees from the year before. The LPFFA is currently in arbitration with the city. Its members have been without a contract since 2010.

There are five members of the Service Employees International Union on the list, while there was only one the previous year.

As well, 127 city managers are included on the Sunshine List, but this number is down by 14 from the previous year.

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act provides information on the salary and benefits of public employees who make more than $100,000.