London's Accessibility Advisory Committee (ACCAC) is asking city hall to change the name of Sanatorium Road.

The name is being called insensitive, archaic and stigmatizing to those with a mental illness, but others saying the committee is creating a mountain out of a molehill.

The road in London's west end connects Byron to Oxford Street, and some say the name is connected to a time when people with mental illness were institutionalized and isolated.

Micheal Dawthorne of the ACCAC says, "The term sanatorium is becoming obsolete and in fact offensive to many."

Sanatorium Road is also home to the Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), which provides services to children with complex mental health or developmental challenges.

Dawthorne says the address does a disservice to that good work and may add to the stigma felt by families attending CPRI.

"That may actually prevent some of those families from getting help. Even something as slight as the name."

But Ward Councillor Paul Hubert says the issue is more complex than just changing some street signs.

"It has some really historic roots and sometimes reflecting on those roots helps us understand where we've come from and it helps us not to hide our past."

In fact the meaning of the word sanatorium is different based on the region and time period. Though the most common is: A hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases, as tuberculosis or various nervous or mental disorders.

The connotation of the word changed in the 1950s when they became institutions for people with mental illness.

Hubert says any decision will require much more consultation, "I really would like to hear from residents from the west side of the city to understand how they feel about it."

As for what the new name should be Dawthorne says "We don't have a vested interest in what the name becomes, as long as it doesn't create or enhance the stigma any more than it is."

The cost for changing a street name includes $275 for each street sign and a fee to homeowners for the inconvenience of changing their address.

The issue will be in front of the Community and Protective Services Committee on Monday.