There’s been an outcry after the city posted signs at some municipal pools, including Thames, stating that children over three are not permitted to go into the opposite gender change room.

“If necessary, please ask a staff member to escort your child through the proper change room,” the sign says.

The reaction to the signs has been swift on social media.

“I am a mother of 2 boys who are 3 and 5. I feel this is very ridiculous. I teach my children everyday to not trust strangers and they now expect me to tell my child he must walk into a change room, get changed with a complete stranger and be walked out to meet me?” one mother posted on Facebook.

The city responded with a statement itself on Facebook, saying the reason for the policy at some pools is that there has been some users who are uncomfortable with the situation. It also says that most of the city’s facilities have universal change areas.

Lynn Loubert, the city's aquatics manager, also responded to questions from CTV London. “Our newly renovated Southcrest facility has (universal change rooms), and our new park washroom at Mornington park and soon-to-be-opened one in Constitution park are all universal. Our renovation at North London community centre will also have a universal change room,” she said.

“Some of our pool sites are older and do not offer universal change rooms and options vary from site to site. For example we have a washroom at Thames at the park that families can use, and enter through our side gate or through the staff area as a family. 

“At the locations we don't have these facilities, we ask users to speak to our staff to assist them and find a viable option.  We are not suggesting small children are left unattended in change areas," she said.