LONDON, ONT. -- The City of London is upgrading 80 traffic signals with cameras that will provide live footage of roads. It's all in an effort to better manage traffic incidents across the region and adjust.

“The new cameras will help inform the city, emergency services, and public transit of collisions or delays that are causing unexpected traffic conditions during peak travel periods,” said Jon Kostyniuk, Traffic and Transportation Engineer at the City of London in a press release.

The monitoring cameras will be placed on busier roads known for high traffic congestion.

The city’s traffic management system connects more than 400 signals across London where signal timings can be modified remotely, added Kostyniuk.

The city says that nine intersections already have the new traffic monitoring cameras installed and an additional 16 are scheduled in the coming weeks. Installation will continue through the fall and winter months.

The cameras will not record traffic speeding and driving infractions and license plate data will not be collected.