After the City of London signed a four-year contract extension with its outside workers, many are wondering if it will help reign in rising public sector salaries.

Most of the money from by taxpayers goes towards salaries and benefits, so the contract is expected to save Londoners in the long term.

It may also be a step toward controlling the costs of other contracts.

The contract sees salaries for outside workers frozen in 2016 and 2017, then raises of one per cent in 2018 and 1.1 per cent in 2019.

The city's 530 outside workers - including those responsible for garbage collection, roadwoark, sewers and water and parks and recreation - voted 95 per cent in favour of the contract, choosing job security over salary increases.

London Mayor Joe Fontana is praising the agreement and the outside workers' union leadership, whossay they are trying to work with the city.

Fontana is also taking aim at other unions, with police, fire and outside workers all looking for new contracts this year.

The police budget has been especially controversial, drawing the ire of many councillors during 2014 budget deliberations.

None of the union heads were available to comment on camera Wednesday.

Some of city's top earners revealed

The list London employees earning more than $100,000 grew again last year, with firefighters responsible for most of the increase.

The 2013 sunshine list will include 239 firefighters, more than double the number from the year before.

A large part of that increase reflects an interim salary increase awarded in anticipation of an even larger arbitration decision expected later this year.

Also a large part of the list - 107 management employees.

The current report doesn't include members of the police, London transit or the library.

The full list will be released April 1st.