A crackdown on the fake homecoming party on Broughdale Avenue will target those who host the event, but leave landlords off the hook.

“We focus on the people who are contributing to the nuisance parties,” says Orest Katolyk, London’s chief bylaw officer.

Earlier this year, city staff recommended financial penalties for landlords who permit nuisance parties. But the London Property Management Association warned that would require them to violate the rights of tenants.

That led to a council committee recommending Tuesday to increase financial penalties in the nuisance party bylaw, even though staff admit they are unlikely to recoup much money from students.

Last year, the party on Broughdale attracted 20,000 party-goers. There were 57 injured and taxpayers were left with a $200,000 bill.

Western University recently added off-campus events to its Code of Conduct and the student council will host a concert on campus to draw students away from Broughdale.