LONDON, ONT. -- Golfers with city memberships are growing more and more impatient with not being able to book tee times.

Due to the fact that the River Road Golf Course has not opened, they can only choose from Thames and Fanshawe courses.

Jim Wilson has a city membership and is not pleased. 

"Like this morning I went on and I didn't get on right away at five, but by one minute after five there were no tee times," said Wilson.

Larry Baird has been in contact with city council over the issue and he too wants to see River Road opened.

"This is the only game in town where you can social distance so it doesn't make any sense," said Baird.

Despite the pressure from city golfers, next week council will be meeting to discuss a number of belt-tightening measures, among them keeping River Road closed. 

London Mayor Ed Holder says the River Road course is costly. 

"At this time the city is looking at making some drastic cuts." said Holder.

Still, that doesn’t sit well with Baird. 

"I can't think of a better year to keep it open, this is the wrong year to make that decision."