OWEN SOUND, ONT. -- Since mid-September, Emily Bradley-Lowe and her daughter Samantha have made it their mission to take in the 'Music at the Market' in Owen Sound.

“We try and come every single week,” says the Owen Sound mother.

Since mid-September, Owen Sound has been hosting outdoor concerts in behind City Hall.

“We wanted to hit some of those sectors that had been really touched by COVID. Our local restaurants, our local performers. Owen Sound is really well-known for its live music,” says Brent Fisher, Owen Sound’s manager of Marketing and Community Development.

For the past nine weeks, every Wednesday through Friday from noon to 2 p.m., music fills the air in Owen Sound. And that’s music to the ears of local artists, who frankly needed the work.

“We haven’t actually played since March, and for artists that usually play between 30 and 40 shows a year, it’s incredible what they’ve done here. So, thanks to the City of Owen Sound, the County of Grey, and the folks that come out to watch us,” says 'Pick up Game' frontman, Jay Hoffman.

Of course, COVID-19 rules require as much social distancing as possible, and contact tracing, but everyone who comes out seems to appreciate the opportunity to simply be outside, especially now.

“I think it’s very important for people to get outside and do something, especially for the performers. They, like everyone else, have been confined to the indoors. All the bands we’ve heard say the same thing, it’s so nice to play for people, again,” say Alan and Barb Lipskie, taking in Friday’s concert.

“It’s amazing to have something to do and enjoy the live music that we have here, and to do it in the open air, it’s wonderful,” says Emily.

Owen Sound’s 'Music in the Market' concert series wraps up Nov. 6, but the city hopes to run then again next year, with no COVID-19, and no COVID-19 rules.