If payment of your municipal taxes is pre-authorized, you're likely out some money.

The City of London said on Thursday that it had made an error in processing pre-authorized property tax payments.

The June payment was correctly withdrawn on June 30, but then a second pre-authorized payment was processed in error on July 5, city officials say. About 33,000 accounts were affected.

The city says as soon as staff realized the error Thursday morning, financial institutions were contacted to quickly resolve the issue.

The reversal instructions have been processed and pre-authorized payment users should expect to have their money refunded beginning Thursday evening or Friday. Time of reimbursement will differ depending on financial institution.

The city also says it will reimburse anyone who has received non-sufficient fund charges due to this error and it is apologizing to those affected.

Questions about this can be dealt with at the city's property tax office at 519-661-4540 or email taxoffice@london.ca.