MIDDLESEX CENTRE, ONT. -- London Councillor Arielle Kayabaga has announced she will be seeking the federal Liberal nomination in the London West riding.

The news comes one day after current London West Liberal MP Kate Young announced she would not run again.

In a series of tweets, Kayabaga said she remains committed to the community and to advocating for positive change.

The first-term Ward 13 councillor thanked Young for her service and added that she has had many people asking her to run in London West.

Kayabaga continued, "This community deserves a better future. I hope you will place your trust in me. Why? Because I'm committed to this community. I show up. I want to show up for you as your MP."

If nominated, and then elected, this would be a return to Parliament Hill for Kayabaga, who spent time there working in caucus services.

She has served on council since 2018.