Tardy downtown parkers could soon catch a break if one downtown promoter has his way.

Londoner Lincoln McCardle is calling on city council to establish a 10 minute grace period for tardy downtown parkers.

"Such a easy simple thing to do. We spend a lot of time here in London trying to get people to come downtown promoting downtown. And you know people aren't returning because they feel they are getting ripped off by getting a parking ticket by coming a few minutes late. It seems to really undermine that process," says McCardle.

But where would it end?

"My only concern would be are people going to want to be even further and further and further, but you know if that's going to bring people downtown because they feel they got a grace period, all the more power to them," says Downtown London BIA Chair Bob Usher.

It's not known how much the plan would cost tax-payers in lost revenue.

"Someone's got to pay for it. There's no freebees. So the city's going to be out revenue from that extra ten minutes and we're going to make it up somehow," says driver Gerard Buss.

"I think that would be a great idea and for what I'm trying to do right now when the parking meter is actually not working. It's not taking my money nor is the other one. So I'm kind of contemplating whether or not I'm just gonna run in, run out and risk a ticket," says driver Sarah Vanwynsberghe.

A council committee will consider the idea Monday night.