LONDON, ONT -- In Aylmer, Ont., Church of God Pastor Henry Hildebrandt appears to have broken provincial lockdown rules on Sunday morning.

In a video posted to pastor Hildebrandt’s YouTube page, Hildebrandt is seen inviting the drive-in church goers inside for a 'tour.'

The maskless parishioners enter the church and take a seat while clapping and cheering, as Hildebrandt leads a prayer at the front and then joins in song.

As part of the provinces lockdown measures, only 10 people are allowed indoors at a time for a religious service, where physical distancing can be maintained.

Church of God

In the video, the large crowd stands in the Church for approximately 10 minutes and later congregates in what appears to be the front lobby.

Hildebrandt is associated with numerous 'Freedom Rallies' that took place in recent months and is facing charges under Reopening Ontario Act for previous counts of failing to comply under the same act.

CTV News has reached out to Aylmer police and are awaiting a response.