The London Regional Children’s Museum announced expansion plans at a press conference on Tuesday evening.

Executive Director Amanda Conlon revealed the decision to grow the more than 35-year-old institution.

“After 30 years in our location here on Wharncliffe Road the Children’s Museum has decided that we’re going to sell the building and use the proceeds of that sale to invest in a new Children’s Museum, one that better serves the children and families of this community.”

Over the next four months Conlon says the museum will be involved in a strategic vision process, talking to the public and other children’s museums to explore what the new facility should look like, the services it should provide and how to be more sustainable.

“We want to know what [London residents] have to say about their dream for the Children’s Museum.”

The expansion process is expected to take two to four years, and the museum will continue to operate in its current building as it searches for a new location.