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Chickenpox on the rise in London and Middlesex


The Middlesex-London Health Unit is warning the public that Varicella-zoster virus, also known as chickenpox is on the rise in our community.

MLHU is recommending anyone who has not received their vaccine for chickenpox or have not had the virus talk to their health care provider about the vaccination.

Chickenpox is a virus most commonly affecting young children, but older children and adults who have not had the virus can be affected as well.

Symptoms of chickenpox can include mild fever, itchy rash, and red spots that turn into fluid-filled blisters.

As the virus is easily transmitted, the health unit suggest the chickenpox vaccine is the best way to prevent getting the virus.

Anyone who has had chickenpox is also at risk of shingles as the virus stays in your body for life.

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