It wouldn’t be the end of the year without Chatham-Kent police’s annual top 10 silly 911 calls.

Chatham-Kent police released the list Monday, and it includes a report of fraud on a Canadian senator, an overly friendly squirrel and a missing glass eyeball. Along with the list, police included the dumbest criminal and best speeding excuse of 2013.

Number 10 on the list is a reminder to those attending court. A man on court-order not to drive attended his probation appointment driving an e-bike.

At nine, a homeowner enjoying a relaxing soak in his hot tub was shocked when a man jumped his fence and landed in the pool. Any intention the male had was extinguished, as he exited the pool and disappeared into the night.

Anyone who’s watched a YouTube video knows animals can provide some unexpected situations, and it’s no different in Chatham. Of the 10 calls listed, three of them consist of incidents with furry creatures.

At number eight, a woman was startled when she opened her bathroom cupboard to find a possum.

Not to be out done is the squirrel that jumped through an open window of a vehicle and landed at number four on the list. The incident caused a driver travelling through Maple Leaf Cemetery to accelerate into a ravine. The driver was unharmed, and police report the squirrel now looks before leaping.

The honour of unbelievable animal experience comes in at number two and goes to a goat executing an elaborate ruse. Police say a goat was blocking the road, when a drive exited her to get a closer look. However, after stepping out of the vehicle, the goat jumped in.

Fraud is a common occurrence across the world and is certainly something officer receives calls about almost daily. It’s a little less common when that call accuses Senator Mike Duffy of $90,000 worth of fraud.

Taking home the number one spot is a complainant described as being a little irate. A man called police after his girlfriend refused to return his glass eyeball. The man was visiting the residence, when he removed the glass eye and was upset when his girlfriend hid it on him.

Dumbest criminal of the year was bestowed to a man who couldn’t just keep his shirt down. According to police, an erratic driver was stopped and issued two traffic tickets. While speaking with the driver outside of the vehicle, he used his shirt to wipe his eye, revealing a drug filled plastic baggie taped to his chest. He was additionally charged with drug possession.

For the full list, including a chart that depicts the relationship of calls received with the lunar cycle, you can visit the Chatham-Kent police website.