A 24-year-old male from Dundas is facing charges after a tire fell off a trailer and caused a crash on the 401 in London.

OPP say it was shortly before 7 a.m.Thursday when emergency crews were called out to the westbound lanes between Highbury Avenue and Old Victoria Road.

A Chevrolet pick-up truck that was towing a flatbed trailer with a scissor lift on it had the front driver’s side wheel of the trailer fly off and went into traffic.

It flew into the eastbound lanes, resulting in a car having to swerve to miss it and the car hit a transport truck.

A 32-year-old London man in the car suffered non life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital.

The Dundas man is charged with:

  • Operate unsafe vehicle – commercial motor vehicle
  • Wheel separation – commercial motor vehicle
  • Operate vehicle – fail to display device X2
  • Fail to surrender insurance card