Charges against two St. Thomas police officers charged with assault have been dropped.

And a third officer was found not guilty Friday.

A trial has been underway in London and on Thursday the judge dismissed charges against Const. Frank Boyes and Const. Sean James.

Charges against Const. Daniel Spicer remained but the following day a judge found him not guilty.

Spicer gave his version of what happened on the stand Friday.

The judge in the case, Justice Ronald Minard, said the Crown failed to prove its case.

Minard has also said in the case against Boyes and James that  there was no direct evidence that they came into physical contact with Jamie Clarke, the man they mistakenly arrested. He said the Crown has to prove more than presence.

The SIU in charging the officers said  they were conducting surveillance in a residential area near Southdale Road East and Adelaide Road South in London.

The officers were searching for a suspect in connection to a suspect in a jewelry store robbery.

Around 4:00 p.m., officers followed a taxi to Nadine Avenue, where they removed a 35 year old male passenger and arrested him.

The man was injured during the arrest and was eventually released once officers realized they had arrested the wrong man.