LONDON, ONT. -- Driving concerns escalated from annoying to dangerous, when a serious collision occurred outside the entrance to the city’s Enviro Depot.

Over the past couple days, a record number of Londoners have delivered bags of yard waste to the municipal collection facility on Oxford Street, leading to long lines and a serious collision.

“We’ve never seen activity at the (enviro) depot like we’re seeing right now,” explains Jay Stanford, Director of Environment, Fleet, and Solid Waste. “Today being a Monday, this is an unprecedented number of vehicles.”

Observing the long line of cars backed up on Oxford Street, Stanford suspects the warm weather resulted in a surge of leaf raking, and a subsequent surge of Londoners dropping off yard waste.

The situation intensified Monday afternoon.

At 1:30 p.m., a van collided with an SUV outside the entrance.

Firefighters at the scene had to direct a steady flow of vehicles still entering and exiting the the depot.

“I think a controlled intersection might help,” said Ken Rogers on his way out. “It’s a little bit chaotic because of the accident.”

Other drivers were patient, acknowledging autumn is always busy.

“I come here daily, twice a day, not a problem,” said Merv Wilson.

Jay Stanford confirms a police officer was directing traffic on the weekend, but there was no police presence on Monday.

Police will be back on Tuesday.

“With the volume of traffic, we’re going to ask for assistance from London Police Service, they will bring someone for traffic control, and we’ll have them on site starting (Tuesday) morning,” says Stanford.

Stanford reminds Londoners that curbside yard waste collection occurs more frequently in the fall, they do not have to bring leaves to the depot.