Eyewitnesses describe a "violent brawl" that led to the death of 27-year-old Chad Robinson at a party two years ago.

Miquel Chacon-Perez has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in Robinson’s death in December 2016.

Robinson’s friend Nathan Smith testified Wednesday they both went to the Christmas party at the Imperio Banquet Hall with other tradesmen.

He said everyone seemed to be having a good time until he regrettably insulted the Chacon-Perez for selling used items on Kijiji.

He testified, "[Chacon-Perez] starts pushing me and throws a punch…we began to fight for 15 minutes or so...it was very violent."

Smith says he learned later at police headquarters that Robinson had died from a stab wound to the chest.

Mike Persaud, who organized the Christmas party, had testified earlier that the violence escalated quickly.

"All I remember is people were running around screaming."

He said he saw Robinson lying on the ground motionless, and "I went right up to him...I tried to shake him."

Danielle Fountain-Smith, who worked for Persaud, testified that the scene was chaotic.

She said she saw the accused very upset, “Miguel came outside and he was clearly angry saying f---ing white boys, f---ing white boys."

Then she testified about seeing a possible weapon.

"I saw Miguel lift up his shirt or jacket and I saw what I perceived to be a knife in his waistband...and I said to my friend, 'Oh my God, does he have a knife?’”

The case is expected to continue for several weeks.