The jury has returned a guilty verdict in the second-degree murder trial of Miguel Chacon-Perez.

The 29-year-old was convicted in the stabbing death of Chad Robinson at a December 2016 Christmas party at London’s Imperio Banquet Hall.

It took the jury a little over 24 hours of deliberating to reach their verdict in the case.

Chacon-Perez had pleaded not guilty to second degree murder.

The jury had heard that an alcohol-fuelled melee broke out at the party, and it ended with 26-year-old Robinson fatally stabbed in the chest.

Sean Robinson, Chad's brother, says it's the verdict they were waiting for, "It's been a trying four weeks, but we are satisfied with the jury's result."

Crown attorney Adam Campbell delivered his closing arguments Wednesday, telling the jury Chacon-Perez had been embarrassed at the party, giving him a reason to kill.

“[Chacon-Perez’s] motive was that he was disrespected...the man who murdered Chad did so because he was humiliated."

He also told the jury that the accused lied about having the knife involved, which had DNA from both the victim and the accused.

On Tuesday, the defence had argued that London police arrested the wrong man, pinning the blame on Chacon-Perez’s friend Irvin Aparacio-Chicas, who is a convicted rapist with a history of violence.

Richard Posner told the jury, "Mr. Aparicio-Chicas had the knife...Mr. Aparicio-Chicas fooled police, don't let him fool you."

Posner argued that Chacon-Perez only made the mistake of discarding the knife for his friend, which is how his DNA ended up on the knife.

After the verdict was delivered Posner told the court he expects to appeal the conviction.

"It is what I would call a textbook miscarriage of justice. Not a single civilian witness saw him near the deceased...I was obviously very, very taken aback by the verdict and very saddened by it for my client who I firmly believe is an innocent man."

A second-degree murder conviction carries an automatic life sentence, but the judge will decide how long Chacon-Perez will be behind bars before he is eligible for parole.

The sentencing hearing is set for Dec. 21st.