LONDON, ONT. -- There’s new uncertainty at the top of city hall’s public housing agency, only five months after a shakeup saw council oust the board of directors at London Middlesex Community Housing (LMCH).

CTV News has learned that CEO Josh Browne is on leave. City hall’s Director of Housing & Social Services Sandra Datars Bere confirms the leave of absence, but is not providing a reason, nor a timeline for Browne’s return.

In the five months since the LMCH board was replaced, the organization has been undergoing a major transformation to address lengthy delays getting vacant units repaired and reoccupied.

Its first quarterly report since the board was replaced, commits to reaching a three per cent vacancy rate by the end of February.

But meeting that challenge will require completing an aggressive pest control program in two buildings and coordinating repairs to get dozens of units rented.

"Our priority continues to be service provision including addressing vacancies. We are actively working on this with LMCH and with the city,” says Datars Bere when asked if the Browne’s absence will impact the process.

Multiple attempts to contact the LMCH CEO have received no response.